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Cardio Exercise

It is so important for my new lifestyle to do consistently do those things that are beneficial for me.

One of those things, is to regularly exercise.

I am not trying to enter a senior citizen competition. I just want to be healthier. I want to replace some of this jiggly fat on my body with more muscle mass.

Every since I had my bilateral hip replacement surgeries, I’ve noticed that my one-legged balance is not what it used to be.

Also, in my plan to reverse the risk of diabetes, lifestyle changes including at least 150 minutes of activity.

So many ailments can be reduced, eliminated or maintained by our food choices and exercise.

I have determined that I WILL exercise.

I may not end up with a totally buff body, well defined arms or sculpted abs. BUT! I will be more toned than if i didn’t do anything.

So don’t judge me, you may be much younger, more agile, more motivated than me…but I am trying to get in at least ninety minutes of activity a day. And a lot of times, that is all from walking.

Periodically, I will use my hand weights, resistance bands, do some water aerobics. But, I can always count on walking, stretching or doing chair aerobics. Those things are readily available and easier for me.

I am trying to push myself, though. To make the time spent more beneficial, more worthwhile. But sometimes life happens and I get too busy.

Since I am a morning person, I can get up and do 60-75 minutes of something, while Jackie is still asleep. Or go to the rec center.

One thing that pushes me, is the desire to be a more active senior. While I was caregiving for my mother, I was well aware of how she sat in her recliner about 95% of her waking time. The other 5% was her slow, laborious trek to the bathroom.

I know she had preexisting health issues that limited her mobility, but sitting all day like that only made things more pronounced. And I know that something could happen to change my status in life, but while I have breath in my body and the activity of my limbs, I will get up and move!

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Thrive, to prosper; be fortunate or successful, to grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

I don’t want to just live. I want to thrive.

I want to live life to its fullest.



















I want to eat chocolate, candies, broccoli, fish, escargot, grilled sardines, popcorn, warm breads with butter, hot tea, baked sweet potatoes, anything made with black beans, piping hot soups or stews, soft peanut butter cookies, double chocolate cake, yeast or cake doughnuts, spinach, corn.

I want to complete my Bucket List of items long before I kick the bucket. I want to travel near and far. I want to be surrounded by people I love and people who love me. I want to watch corny movies while wrapped in my cozy blanket. I want to read novels that move me to laugh or cry.

I want to wear bright vibrant colors. Purple. Orange. Fuchsia. Golden Yellow. Neon Green. Sky Blue. Stripes. Polka dots. Geometric Shapes. Solids.

I want to stay up late and get up late. I want to go to bed early and get up early. I want to see the sun rise and the moon set.

I want to have crowds of people around me, and I want to relax in the solitude of my own companionship.

…and I will…

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Older and Loving It!

OK…I have 185 days until I turn 65! WooHoo!!

I am already collecting my social security benefits. But on my birthday, I will qualify for Medicare.

There’s is no going back. No mistakes. No denying it. I am old!

But is being old, older, such a bad thing?

In our society, youth is glorified and adored. But, because so many Baby Boomers are influencing media and the arts, things are changing.

There are more silver, white and no hair models.

There are more movies by our aging actors on aging lifestyles.

More businesses are catering to us because we have more (at least a little bit more) discretionary income.

I love and totally use Senior Discounts when out shopping.

I have no problem admitting my age! I love being 64!

And I love being retired! And that can only happen after you have put in at least 25 years of employment somewhere. So when the weather is inclement. Or I feel too lazy to get out of bed. Or when I want to do what I want to do… then I don’t have to be worried or concerned about going to work!!!


Some people think, well, you’re at home. You don’t have anything to do. Here do this errand for me. Or you must be bored because you don’t have a job to keep you occupied. CRAZY!! Or some even foolishly think, that they’ll never retired because they need something to do! My self worth is not tied to a job! I love being who I am! Old!

I used to think being 40 was the best time of my life….no, being 60 is better! Here it is 11:30am and I am still in my pajamas! If I were at work, it would be lunchtime. But I will eat my breakfast after I post this!

Of course, getting to this state takes planning and work.

For me, it was staying at one job long enough to build my pension/401K, which meant getting up everyday going to work and going to school to qualify for better positions.

It also meant, being a good steward of my money. Giving my tithes and offerings to my local church. After all, it was God’s goodness and mercies that allowed me to be where I was and doing the things that I needed to do, to plan for my future.

True, I have some aches and pains. I’ve had bilateral hip replacement surgeries. I’ve had LASIK for old people, also known as cataract surgery. My hair is mostly white (as soon as it is all white, I’m putting a lilac-colored tint in it!!!). My boobs are saggy. My arms have wings….but….I would not trade this age for anything!

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Just say NO!

Written 1-18-2018

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

Just because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…doesn’t mean that I have to do all things.

It is okay to say no. And to say it without feelings of guilt. I know what kind of person I am. It is my nature to help. So when I have made the decision to say no; it’s the best decision for me.

After I say no, I must learn to let it go. Or, I might as well have said yes for all of the internal murmuring that I am doing.

I know that people will not always understand or expect me to say no. I could explain my reasons why or I can simply stand firm and say no.

So…why am I writing this? Because this is new for me as well. I have been so used to saying yes and putting additional stress on me, that I needed to tell myself and let me see it in writing.

It is okay to just say no.

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It Begins Now! (170/195)

I have so many half started or un-started projects.

Sometimes I feel like I need to be at least two persons or maybe that my days should be 48 hours long.

But then I realized that the Lord designed things perfectly for a reason. If my days were 48 hours, I would fill them up with stuff, where I’d wish for a 96 hour day.

What I need to learn to do, is to properly manage the time that I have. I need to learn to prioritize my tasks. And, I need to actually start doing my tasks.

One of my problems like I mentioned before (Lists), is that I love lists. So when I see a list of tips, it doesn’t really matter what the subject is, I try to incorporate these ideas into my life.

As a result, the things that I really need to do, get pushed further and further into the background.

However, I am continuing to use January as my opportunity to start this year on the right foot. I want to be able to see progress at the end of the year, so I created a list (sad, aren’t I??) of five SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).


– Writings

– Christian Education

– Prayer Life

– Office

Each of these bullets have subcategories with measurable actions. What this allows me now to do is to focus on just a few items, enabling me at the end of the year to see if I’ve met my goals or not.

BUT, the absolutely main thing was to just get started. And I have on a couple things. And one thing that I did to free up additional time, was to severely curtail my time on social media. It was scary and sad, when I would look back to see how much time I wasted on mindless activities.

And it starts now. Today!

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Free to Forgive

Yesterday, I downloaded a Joyce Meyers book, ‘Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive.’ I pray that I read to do what the Holy Spirit leads me to do.

I am ready to release. To live, to love, to laugh.

I am tired of being held captive by myself.

Life is marching on and I don’t want to look back with regrets.

I want to be free.

And to be free, means that I need to forgive and to be forgiven.

I want my blood pressure lowered. I want my mind and body healthy.

Thank You Lord for leading me to this book I already have more than enough pleasure books.

Help me to help myself and to break free.

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Since July of 2017, I have been working hard to lose weight and bring my A1C under control, by lifestyle changes and participating in a diabetes prevention program supported by a local hospital.

One of the goals that I had to achieve was to lose 7% of my starting weight. Well, I did that! I’ve lost a total of almost 30 pounds!

The facilitor and all that I’ve been reading, tells me how this weight lost will SURELY affect my A1C.

Well it did.

In July it was 6.0 and now its 6.1.

You have no idea how frustrated that made me!

Then all the nurse said that my doctor said, was ‘watch my sugars.’ Huh? ‘Watch my sugars?’ She also said, and I’m not sure if she was quoting him, but he HAS told me this before, it’s not a BIG deal. Well, maybe to you it’s not a big deal, but it is very much a big deal to me.

I was ready to cry, I was sooo frustrated.

I sent a tearful text to the current facilitator of the Diabetes Prevention Plan…and unfortunately, almost 24 hours later…I am still waiting to hear from her…sigh…

So I reached out to my initial facilitator, who after several hours, responded, apologizing for the delay in getting back with me.

But by then, after googling some things, I found out that steroids, in particular Prednisolone causes spikes in glucose sugars and can trigger Type 2 Diabetes! Now I’m really freaking out, because since my cataract surgeries on December 5th, I’ve been using it for anti-inflammation. AND…I need to use it twice a day until the bottle is used up AND I don’t see my doctor again until March!!!

Anyway, the initial facilitator said that steroids can cause the blood sugars to elevate. She will do some checking and get back with me. And of course when I found all, of this out, the office to the ophthalmologist was closed. So, I decided to do one set of drops a day instead of two until I talk to someone.

What a predicament!

But I am trying to stay positive and continue with the new regiment that I am on. It’s just unfortunate that now I can’t get my A1C tested for six more months!

Stay strong! Stay strong! Stay strong!

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So much has been going on these past two months since my last entry. I feel like a slacker, since I haven’t stopped to take any time to post.

Please keep me encouraged that I do better…but wait, my encouragement, inspiration and determination should be an internal thing. Not based on what other people tell or don’t tell me. So, scratch that last remark, I WILL KEEP MYSELF ENCOURAGED!

• The beginning of August, I started attending a class put on by one of the local hospital systems, Beaumont Hospital, for people who are pre-diabetic. Through lifestyle changes, this class will teach me how to make better dietary choices, exercise more, manage stress better to reverse the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

And yes, my A1C (which measures my average glucose levels for the past three months) has gone up from 5.7 to 6.0 in two years.

We will meet weekly for 16 sessions and then once a month. Through the classes and materials given, I have learned how to make better choices, increased my minutes of activity. This has resulted in a lose of more than 7% of my starting weight.

I am so encouraged! I can’t wait to see what affect this will have on my A1C he next time that I have lab work done

-I finally sent my novel in to have it copyrighted. Is that a word or should I just say copyright? Either way, it’s been done! The cover is finished. All edits are finally complete. I had to stop reading it, because I kept tweaking and changing things. I need to get my ISBN, then I’ll be ready to print. The only downer is, that it could take 6-8 months with the copyright process. Sheesh! I wanted to pass books out as Christmas presents. So, I guess that will have to wait until next year.

-And last, but surely not least, we have started the process of applying for our visa to travel to Europe. Oh my gosh! And what a process it is.

We have submitted an application to the FBI for a background check that had to include a set of fingerprints! I never had that done before! This could take up to three months! There are about six other things that we need to prepare, including an essay about why we want to travel to Europe. I am amazed!

So, this is like watching paint dry!

At least, I can see progress with my new normal lifestyle. I’ve had to buy some new pants. Cool!

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Nuturing Your Friends

I am going to have to start reading my inspirational motivators earlier in the day.I read this just after I hung up with a lady who used to be my best friend. My sistah-girl friend.

Now, I barely talk to her.

What happened?

Maybe she left me or I’m jealous of her. She working on her doctorate. And I’m not.

She had a stroke the day before my mother’s funeral. She refused to stay in the hospital to get additional treatment. So, she hasn’t recovered as much as she could have or should have.

Now, she’s somewhat clingy, needy. I think I resent that. Who she’s become.

Am I being too honest, too open?

But this was supposed to be about me nurturing my friends. I guess I had to realize why I wasn’t.

We did have a longer phone conversation today. I tried to be more engaging like in the past.

Maybe this tip is not so much about me helping my friends. Because, if she said she needed me for anything, I’d be there. But maybe this is more about me examining myself to get rid of my petty ways, my feelings of inferiority or insecurity so that I can show myself to be a better, truer friend.

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Give Yourself a Pat on the Back (5/360)


It’s kinda hard to give your own self a pat on the back.

If you are a contortionist, you can grab your right elbow with your left hand and push your right hand over your left shoulder to pat yourself on the back.

Or you could get a back scratcher shaped like a hand and whack yourself on the back.


You could get someone to do it for you…..but I really digress!

What’s important here, is to believe in yourself. 

…I need to change the tone…this is about me, not you.

I need to believe in me. Myself. 

I need to believe in the things that I have accomplished and even the things that I may not have finished, but at least I have started.

Sometimes, I can be very hard on myself. I beat me up when I don’t finish a task or a goal. Then that makes me not want to pick up that task again.

But, I am not perfect and I need to allow for my imperfections. BUT… by the same token, I do need to set some goals, some parameters to keep me on track. Or I’ll be like I am with my novel. I need to do just two more things, then I am ready to send it to the publisher. I am hoping this blog will motivate me to get up and get going. 

I have to stop looking at the external things, some of which I have no control. I need to focus on the internal. Me. 

It’s good to build up myself and congratulate my accomplishments. I just need to make sure these accomplishments are more than just brushing my teeth!

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