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New York Times

Hubby has me hooked on reading the New York Times. And I love reading its digital edition on my iPhone or iPad. The articles are informative, challenging and can even be heartwarming.The other day, by the time I finished reading the paper, I realized that the articles made me think. Made me sad. Informed me. Made me laugh. And gave me the opportunity to play a game.

I have four other digital newspapers on my devices, but the New York Times is the one that I read the most. Even over my local papers.

And no, if you are wondering, this is NOT a paid endorsement. Just stating what’s on my mind today.

Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 24, 2017

Unrealistic Expectations

OK…by now, everyone knows that I want to lose weight. And….if you’ve been following me for a while, and I hope that you have. You know that I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while.I try to psyche myself out and not call what I’m doing a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. I know all what I should do. And I know all what I should not do.

Sometimes I can follow my new lifestyle change, but more often than not, I do not follow my new lifestyle change.

In my mind, I have a two-way, sometimes a three-way conversation on staying the course, staying on track. Telling myself what I should be doing. 

But what really happens is, that I am not following through.

I want to lose weight.

I want to get to a healthier place in life.

I want to make better dietary choices.

But, it has to manifest itself in my actions and move from just being a thought in my mind.

Otherwise, I’ll end up like the title of the 1963 hit song by Dionne Warwick, ‘Wishin and Hopin.’

Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 16, 2017

Summer Vacation!

OK, officially, it’s not summer yet. But today was Granddaughter’s last day of school, so to millions of children, this signifies the beginning of summer.

My mind went back, years, decades, to my first day of summer vacation. I would come home from school, excited. My report a testament of the hard work that I put into my classes. I was always eager to show my grades to my parents. They couldn’t afford to reward me for each A that I received, but wasn’t why I worked hard. My long term goal, was a good education, not a dollar in my hand…but that would have been nice.

After changing clothes, I would take my school bag (no back packs then), with my pencils and inkpens. Notebooks, folders and papers and go out on my front porch. Then I would announce to my little sister and my friends, that school was now in session.

What an ironic way to start my summer by playing school. You’d think that after nine months, I would gladly take everything resembling school work and throw it into the depths of my closet.

But, here I am, for the first couple of days of summer vacation being the Teacher and giving out assignments. And what’s even stranger, is that my ‘students’ endured me. At least for a while. Until we all came to the realization of summer vacation and what it really meant.

Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 16, 2017

My Side of the Bed

A little while ago, I noticed that when I get in bed to sleep, that I am sleeping on the edge of it.Granted, we have a queen sized bed and Jackie and I are not huge people, albeit, a little overweight. So there should be plenty of room for the both of us to sleep comfortably.

So I began to watch and take notice of my sleeping position. And, yep, my normal spot, hugs the edge of the mattress.

Why? I’m sure some might think, because I thought it too…that I am trying to avoid any sexual relations with Jackie. While that may be true. Having had a total hysterectomy years ago, is now reeking havoc with my hormonal system! And that subject could be the source of a lot of other blogs…

But, I also started to notice other traits, attributes or things about me. That I didn’t stand up for me as much as I needed. I conceded a lot. I let other people have their way, when I wanted a different way, even when asked.

I moved over in the bed. I sprawled, stretched out, until now, I am using my whole side. And I’ve noticed that my attitude has also changed. I say NO more and ask for and ask for and look to do things more for me.

No…I did not turn into a selfish brat. I still concede to others. I still find myself on the edge of my bed…but not as often.

And it feels good, to sleep on my whole side.

Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 15, 2017


Why is it so easy and also so unnecessary for me to tell a lie?Yesterday, I was out shopping. One of the things on my list was to get a new wading pool for Granddaughter. I found one. Very reasonable price. I bought it.

All was good until Hubby called me because he needed to go to a customer and wanted to know if he should take Granddaughter with him.

I told him, “you can leave her home, unless she wants to go with you. I bought her a new swimming pool. It was on sale.”

Why did I do that? 

Why did I imply that the pool was only purchased because the cost of it was too good of a deal to pass?

Why did I have to lie?

Hubby wouldn’t and doesn’t care about what I spend. He knows that I am a reasonable person, not given to the whims of frivolous or spontaneous spendings. And I also know that he would never say anything about what I buy for Maya, who has his heart.

I can’t explain why I lied. It was totally unnecessary. Now the Holy Spirit is convicting me, again. And saying that I need to apologize to Hubby.

Me:  But I can’t. Can I skip this one time? I won’t do it again.

Holy Spirit:  You have free will. I will not force you to do anything. But this is NOT the last time. The next time will be worse. I will remind you of this and your promise.

Now, it is a question of saving face. Doing the right thing. Or live with the guilt and remembrance of this.

Hubby just came into my office. So I told him. Of course to him, it wasn’t a big deal. Just a little thing, he said. But little things have a way of growing into big things and I want to nip this in the bud, was my reply back to him.

Wow! That was hard! Just like the other day. ( 

Thank You for Your convicting Spirit. I repent before You. Thank You for forgiving me. 

Lord, I ask for Your help. To overcome this spirit of lying. To overcome this spirit of wanting to be in control of everybody and of everything. Of wanting to always be right. I give my mouth, my mind and my soul to You. Help me to stop before I sin, to recognize what I am about to do so that I may turn away. Sometimes, I am so quick to say, do or think…and that can get me into trouble. Help me to learn to wait on and for You, Lord.

I yield myself to You.

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Storms. That word can be an oxymoronic type word. Storms. Usually associated with destruction, pain and sometimes death. But in my spiritual realm, these attributes of a storm are sometimes needed. To destroy or tear down some things that I may be tightly holding on to. Things that are not good for me, spiritually, mentally nor physically. Pain? How is that good for me? To let me know when I’ve put myself in a hurtful situation. When I need to know to back away, and quickly! Without pain, I am desensitized and I think that what I am doing is OK. And lastly death. Oh yeah! The death of my sinful ways. Wrong attitudes. Bad decision making process. Evil thoughts, actions and desires.

Then after the storm, there is peace, calm and joy…God’s rainbow.

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Life Is Too Short

Yesterday I was in a funky mood.

I know why.

I tried to get out of it.

But I couldn’t. 

So those around me suffered in my displeasure. Even later in the day, when I (halfway) tried again to get out of it…I was cemented there. 




Who wanted to me around me? Who wanted to share life’s precious moments with me? Not even me. So I stayed in my office, isolated, as much as I could. When Hubby suggested that we go out for ice cream, I thought YES! Surely, this sweet concoction will put me in a sweeter mood.

But it didn’t. In fact, so much to the point that I am sitting here at this parlor, not licking on nor eating anything. YIKES!! How funky can my mood be!?

But, today, when I awoke, I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. Then I started deleting unnecessary emails. I ran across one, addressed to us senior ladies, that spoke on enjoying the simple things in life. That article convicted me to my very core. I got up and apologized to Hubby, who graciously accepted. I need to call my sister with whom, I was very impatient.


Life is wonderful. Filled with all kinds of joyous moments and opportunities. Life is colorful. Bright and brilliant or pastels that are soft. Life is loud and life is quiet. Life is to be shared with others and life enjoys the peacefulness of solitude.

Breathe in deeply. Hold it.

Exhale slowly. Cherish it.

I have some catching up to do today.

Remember that tomorrow is not promised to us.

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The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century…so far

New York Times article

I consider myself to be a movie buff. Even a cultured movie buff. 

However, when I read New York Times list of the best twenty-five movies of this century…I was aghast! 

I’d only heard of three of the titles and have seen NONE of them!

But, now that I look back at the title of the article, it says the best FILMS

Aha! Maybe that’s the difference! I’ve been watching movies and not films!

Let’s see how their definitions differ.

Film: a motion picture; a movie. (uh-oh…)

Movie: a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a theater or on television; a motion picture.

OK. So I was splitting hairs.

I guess I need to broaden my film viewing experience. I did copy the list and will try to watch at least one of these a week.

But, I will still watch my movies…hahaha!

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My Wonderful Counselor!


Matthew 6:8b, NIV

…for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

He has already prepared a way for me

Do I trust Him in that way?

He knows what is best for me

Do I trust His judgment?

He will never leave me

Do I believe Him?

He loves me

Will I let Him prove it?

If or when I remove all my doubts and questions, what am I left with?

He has already prepared a way for me

He knows what is best for me

He will never leave me

He loves me

My Wonderful Counselor!

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Dreams: Whales

I dreamt that I was at an observation desk, looking through a window as if I were in a building that abutted to a great body of water, let’s say an ocean. I’m looking at all the crustaceans floating around. I am just amazed by the amount, the varieties and all the different colors. Then, I see a baby whale, maybe a humpback. It had pink coloring somewhere on it. He was under the water, but every now and then he would raise out his head. I was so excited. I called to others, to have them come witness this with me. They came. And the next time, the baby whale came out of the water, I had my phone or camera ready and I started taking pictures.

This agitated the baby whale, and he started thrashing and shrieking. The people standing with me, said that he was upset because I took his picture but didn’t get permission. Remember, this is a dream.

I’m still at the edge of this building, looking out of another window which is now below water level. This HUGE whale comes up and looks at me…I remember seeing one big eye, then she rams the window. It doesn’t shatter. But shakes a lot. The people now tell me, that’s the Momma and she is very angry at me for upsetting her baby!

In order for me to get away from this area, I need to pass lots of windows. I see the whale swimming back and forth, looking for me. How does she know who I am? Every now and then, I was exposed. She would see me and ram the window. 

I am really scared. But, I’m at work and I need to see my boss. I want to tell her what’s going on, that I can’t work. But there are too many people around, so we go into the hallway. 

I explain my dilemma. I can’t remember her response. But I don’t think that she was too sympathetic. I think the gist of it was, ‘go back and do your job.’ 

Now, I’m outside trying to make it somewhere, but still near the water’s edge. I am trying to use trees and shrubbery to conceal me from the ever-stalking whale.
That’s it.

Weird, isn’t it? I looked up pictures of whales and the closest that I could find was a humpback whale with barnacles. My dream-whale had lots more grooves and bumps on her body, but especially around her head. And her eye that she watched me and searched for me, what big, round and open.

This was a really long dream. There was more to it….but this was enough.

Last night before I went to bed, I drank green tea. Once someone told me that green tea causes you to dream more or sleep deeper, which puts you into REM and then you dream more.

I’m not sure…but I am so glad that it was just a dream!



The very next day, New York Times posted a story about whales!

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