Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 18, 2017

Nuturing Your Friends

I am going to have to start reading my inspirational motivators earlier in the day.I read this just after I hung up with a lady who used to be my best friend. My sistah-girl friend.

Now, I barely talk to her.

What happened?

Maybe she left me or I’m jealous of her. She working on her doctorate. And I’m not.

She had a stroke the day before my mother’s funeral. She refused to stay in the hospital to get additional treatment. So, she hasn’t recovered as much as she could have or should have.

Now, she’s somewhat clingy, needy. I think I resent that. Who she’s become.

Am I being too honest, too open?

But this was supposed to be about me nurturing my friends. I guess I had to realize why I wasn’t.

We did have a longer phone conversation today. I tried to be more engaging like in the past.

Maybe this tip is not so much about me helping my friends. Because, if she said she needed me for anything, I’d be there. But maybe this is more about me examining myself to get rid of my petty ways, my feelings of inferiority or insecurity so that I can show myself to be a better, truer friend.


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