Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 18, 2017

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back (5/360)


It’s kinda hard to give your own self a pat on the back.

If you are a contortionist, you can grab your right elbow with your left hand and push your right hand over your left shoulder to pat yourself on the back.

Or you could get a back scratcher shaped like a hand and whack yourself on the back.


You could get someone to do it for you…..but I really digress!

What’s important here, is to believe in yourself. 

…I need to change the tone…this is about me, not you.

I need to believe in me. Myself. 

I need to believe in the things that I have accomplished and even the things that I may not have finished, but at least I have started.

Sometimes, I can be very hard on myself. I beat me up when I don’t finish a task or a goal. Then that makes me not want to pick up that task again.

But, I am not perfect and I need to allow for my imperfections. BUT… by the same token, I do need to set some goals, some parameters to keep me on track. Or I’ll be like I am with my novel. I need to do just two more things, then I am ready to send it to the publisher. I am hoping this blog will motivate me to get up and get going. 

I have to stop looking at the external things, some of which I have no control. I need to focus on the internal. Me. 

It’s good to build up myself and congratulate my accomplishments. I just need to make sure these accomplishments are more than just brushing my teeth!


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