Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 10, 2017

I am 64!

OK….today is the day!

I am 64 and I am loving it! My new theme song is by the Beatles, When I'm 64.
I enjoyed today. But more accurately, I have enjoyed life. Yes, I've had some ups and downs. Some good and bad days. Some peaks and valleys. But, through it all…God has kept me and sustained me.
I know too many people younger than me, who have died long ago.

So I cherish each day.

I am proud of my age.

It is a blessing!

I still have so much to do. So much too learn.

I look at each day as a beautifully wrapped gift from God that takes 24 hours to unwrap and enjoy…but then I have another gift to unwrap the very next day.
I am looking forward to the future. What does it hold for me? Where am I going? What will I be doing?

I want to be prepared and ready. In the best health; physically, mentally and spiritually.

I want to do the things that are necessary.

I want to forget about the things that are not necessary.

I want to smile more and frown less.

I want to help people and not hurt them.

I want to be spontaneous and not a stick in the mud.
I want to be colorful, not drab.

Laughing loudly not scolding.

I want people to want to be around me and not avoid me.

I want to enjoy this life to the fullest!!!

Holding on with both hands, because this will be a wild ride!


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