Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 29, 2017

Little Things

Maybe it’s just me…But sometimes, when I thank God for what He’s done for me…it’s big things. Keeping me from hurt, harm and danger. Watching over me through night. Keeping me in my right health and strength. Food on my table, clothes on my back.

Even writing these…those sound somewhat cliché-ist (is that a word? Spellcheck says, no). I am not saying that these are not important. But we, rather I, go through the day with so many missed opportunities to thank the Lord.

Such as:

– I didn’t stumble and fall down the stairs in my house.

– While running errands, I arrive to each of my destinations safely.

– At the gym while doing water aerobics, I did not drown, nor suffer any other accident.

– I didn’t slip and fall on the wet tile at the pool or in the locker room.

– No one broke into my locker and stole my belongings.

– I was able to safely drive back home.

– I didn’t slip or fall in the shower.

– I didn’t burn myself nor catch the house on fire, while cooking my breakfast.

– I didn’t choke on my food while eating. 

– I didn’t trip or fall down the stairs, while carrying newly washed laundry.

– For getting through my meeting without stumbling over or messing up my part.

– Not choking on my mint.

– Not falling out of bed to retrieve my dropped phone.

– That my phone didn’t break when dropped.

…I know that I’m still missing so many other opportunities to pray.

Lord, open my eyes to all of the blessings that You’ve given me!


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