Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 1, 2017

Life’s a Blast!

Last night Hubby and I watched an HBO documentary on nonagenarians, If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast. It was a humorous documentary narrated by Carl Reiner, who is 95. It showed these ninety year olds and a few who were centenarians doing amazing things.They were still singing, dancing, writing (on a computer!), walking (some without the aid of a cane or walker!), running!, painting and the list goes on. They were enjoying life and loving what they were doing. They had tremendous positive attitudes with the desire to go as far and as long as they could.

The advice they gave was simple. Keep moving. Do what you love. Enjoy life. Eat healthy. Easy things. Things that we all should incorporate as daily habits anyway. 

When I was younger, late to early fifties, I used to say that my goal was to live to be 102. Why I picked that age, I am not sure. Then I stopped thinking about it, but recently, I found it written in a journal or something that I had. So, here I am resurrecting that thought and all that needs to go along with it.

The simple things: Lord Jesus, love, laughter, life. 

Release! Don’t hold on to things, grudges or people. This will weigh me down and and make me depressed.

Eat healthy! Eat food in as close to their natural stage as possible. Severely limited processed items as well as meats.

Exercise daily! When it’s a habit, I look forward to it. But yesterday, I noticed I was sluggish. Sitting a lot. Then even taking a nap because I was bored! But no more!

Create! Find some things that I love to do, then do those things that I love everyday. Have, develop a passion for life, creativity and colors! Stand out! Be noticed! I’ve earned this time. Don’t let anyone nor anything take it from me,

Jesus Christ! Keep learning about Him. Keep loving Him. Keep sharing Him. It is because of Him, that I am who I am. It is Jesus who gives me all that I need to live this wonderful life. He has blessed me and I will bless others!

My next 30 years are going to be a blast!


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