Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 29, 2017


Some days, I want to just scream and run away from it all!

I want my life back!

My old life, when it was just me and Hubby. 

When my house was just our house.

When, if something happened, then we knew who to blame it on.

I want my time back, when I could leave and do my thing whenever I wanted to.

I could go sit out in the backyard. 

I could open all of my windows without cigarette smoke coming in.

My floors were not are scarred and marred.

My door jambs are not nicked and gouged.

I only washed my clothes. 

My house didn’t smell like urine or boo-boo. 

I played my music loud and whenever I wanted to.

I didn’t have to do homework.

I didn’t have to give baths.

I only fixed snacks for me.

My house was not littered with things that were not mine.


Thank you for letting me vent.

I know what I just wrote sounds awful and selfish….but it is how I feel…sometimes…

I know what Jackie and I are doing is much needed and necessary. 

I know we are helping because help is needed. 

I know that we are making a difference in lives.

…it’s just sometimes, I want to turn back the hands of time…

…but…this is what families do.

We take care of each other…

.. but sometimes, I need someone to take care of me, while I am in this controlled chaos…


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