Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 16, 2017

Summer Vacation!

OK, officially, it’s not summer yet. But today was Granddaughter’s last day of school, so to millions of children, this signifies the beginning of summer.

My mind went back, years, decades, to my first day of summer vacation. I would come home from school, excited. My report a testament of the hard work that I put into my classes. I was always eager to show my grades to my parents. They couldn’t afford to reward me for each A that I received, but wasn’t why I worked hard. My long term goal, was a good education, not a dollar in my hand…but that would have been nice.

After changing clothes, I would take my school bag (no back packs then), with my pencils and inkpens. Notebooks, folders and papers and go out on my front porch. Then I would announce to my little sister and my friends, that school was now in session.

What an ironic way to start my summer by playing school. You’d think that after nine months, I would gladly take everything resembling school work and throw it into the depths of my closet.

But, here I am, for the first couple of days of summer vacation being the Teacher and giving out assignments. And what’s even stranger, is that my ‘students’ endured me. At least for a while. Until we all came to the realization of summer vacation and what it really meant.


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