Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 16, 2017

My Side of the Bed

A little while ago, I noticed that when I get in bed to sleep, that I am sleeping on the edge of it.Granted, we have a queen sized bed and Jackie and I are not huge people, albeit, a little overweight. So there should be plenty of room for the both of us to sleep comfortably.

So I began to watch and take notice of my sleeping position. And, yep, my normal spot, hugs the edge of the mattress.

Why? I’m sure some might think, because I thought it too…that I am trying to avoid any sexual relations with Jackie. While that may be true. Having had a total hysterectomy years ago, is now reeking havoc with my hormonal system! And that subject could be the source of a lot of other blogs…

But, I also started to notice other traits, attributes or things about me. That I didn’t stand up for me as much as I needed. I conceded a lot. I let other people have their way, when I wanted a different way, even when asked.

I moved over in the bed. I sprawled, stretched out, until now, I am using my whole side. And I’ve noticed that my attitude has also changed. I say NO more and ask for and ask for and look to do things more for me.

No…I did not turn into a selfish brat. I still concede to others. I still find myself on the edge of my bed…but not as often.

And it feels good, to sleep on my whole side.


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