Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 15, 2017


Why is it so easy and also so unnecessary for me to tell a lie?Yesterday, I was out shopping. One of the things on my list was to get a new wading pool for Granddaughter. I found one. Very reasonable price. I bought it.

All was good until Hubby called me because he needed to go to a customer and wanted to know if he should take Granddaughter with him.

I told him, “you can leave her home, unless she wants to go with you. I bought her a new swimming pool. It was on sale.”

Why did I do that? 

Why did I imply that the pool was only purchased because the cost of it was too good of a deal to pass?

Why did I have to lie?

Hubby wouldn’t and doesn’t care about what I spend. He knows that I am a reasonable person, not given to the whims of frivolous or spontaneous spendings. And I also know that he would never say anything about what I buy for Maya, who has his heart.

I can’t explain why I lied. It was totally unnecessary. Now the Holy Spirit is convicting me, again. And saying that I need to apologize to Hubby.

Me:  But I can’t. Can I skip this one time? I won’t do it again.

Holy Spirit:  You have free will. I will not force you to do anything. But this is NOT the last time. The next time will be worse. I will remind you of this and your promise.

Now, it is a question of saving face. Doing the right thing. Or live with the guilt and remembrance of this.

Hubby just came into my office. So I told him. Of course to him, it wasn’t a big deal. Just a little thing, he said. But little things have a way of growing into big things and I want to nip this in the bud, was my reply back to him.

Wow! That was hard! Just like the other day. ( 

Thank You for Your convicting Spirit. I repent before You. Thank You for forgiving me. 

Lord, I ask for Your help. To overcome this spirit of lying. To overcome this spirit of wanting to be in control of everybody and of everything. Of wanting to always be right. I give my mouth, my mind and my soul to You. Help me to stop before I sin, to recognize what I am about to do so that I may turn away. Sometimes, I am so quick to say, do or think…and that can get me into trouble. Help me to learn to wait on and for You, Lord.

I yield myself to You.


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