Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 14, 2017


Storms. That word can be an oxymoronic type word. Storms. Usually associated with destruction, pain and sometimes death. But in my spiritual realm, these attributes of a storm are sometimes needed. To destroy or tear down some things that I may be tightly holding on to. Things that are not good for me, spiritually, mentally nor physically. Pain? How is that good for me? To let me know when I’ve put myself in a hurtful situation. When I need to know to back away, and quickly! Without pain, I am desensitized and I think that what I am doing is OK. And lastly death. Oh yeah! The death of my sinful ways. Wrong attitudes. Bad decision making process. Evil thoughts, actions and desires.

Then after the storm, there is peace, calm and joy…God’s rainbow.


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