Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 13, 2017

Life Is Too Short

Yesterday I was in a funky mood.

I know why.

I tried to get out of it.

But I couldn’t. 

So those around me suffered in my displeasure. Even later in the day, when I (halfway) tried again to get out of it…I was cemented there. 




Who wanted to me around me? Who wanted to share life’s precious moments with me? Not even me. So I stayed in my office, isolated, as much as I could. When Hubby suggested that we go out for ice cream, I thought YES! Surely, this sweet concoction will put me in a sweeter mood.

But it didn’t. In fact, so much to the point that I am sitting here at this parlor, not licking on nor eating anything. YIKES!! How funky can my mood be!?

But, today, when I awoke, I grabbed my phone to see what time it was. Then I started deleting unnecessary emails. I ran across one, addressed to us senior ladies, that spoke on enjoying the simple things in life. That article convicted me to my very core. I got up and apologized to Hubby, who graciously accepted. I need to call my sister with whom, I was very impatient.


Life is wonderful. Filled with all kinds of joyous moments and opportunities. Life is colorful. Bright and brilliant or pastels that are soft. Life is loud and life is quiet. Life is to be shared with others and life enjoys the peacefulness of solitude.

Breathe in deeply. Hold it.

Exhale slowly. Cherish it.

I have some catching up to do today.

Remember that tomorrow is not promised to us.



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