Posted by: allaboutcheryl | May 24, 2017

Dreams: Whales

I dreamt that I was at an observation desk, looking through a window as if I were in a building that abutted to a great body of water, let’s say an ocean. I’m looking at all the crustaceans floating around. I am just amazed by the amount, the varieties and all the different colors. Then, I see a baby whale, maybe a humpback. It had pink coloring somewhere on it. He was under the water, but every now and then he would raise out his head. I was so excited. I called to others, to have them come witness this with me. They came. And the next time, the baby whale came out of the water, I had my phone or camera ready and I started taking pictures.

This agitated the baby whale, and he started thrashing and shrieking. The people standing with me, said that he was upset because I took his picture but didn’t get permission. Remember, this is a dream.

I’m still at the edge of this building, looking out of another window which is now below water level. This HUGE whale comes up and looks at me…I remember seeing one big eye, then she rams the window. It doesn’t shatter. But shakes a lot. The people now tell me, that’s the Momma and she is very angry at me for upsetting her baby!

In order for me to get away from this area, I need to pass lots of windows. I see the whale swimming back and forth, looking for me. How does she know who I am? Every now and then, I was exposed. She would see me and ram the window. 

I am really scared. But, I’m at work and I need to see my boss. I want to tell her what’s going on, that I can’t work. But there are too many people around, so we go into the hallway. 

I explain my dilemma. I can’t remember her response. But I don’t think that she was too sympathetic. I think the gist of it was, ‘go back and do your job.’ 

Now, I’m outside trying to make it somewhere, but still near the water’s edge. I am trying to use trees and shrubbery to conceal me from the ever-stalking whale.
That’s it.

Weird, isn’t it? I looked up pictures of whales and the closest that I could find was a humpback whale with barnacles. My dream-whale had lots more grooves and bumps on her body, but especially around her head. And her eye that she watched me and searched for me, what big, round and open.

This was a really long dream. There was more to it….but this was enough.

Last night before I went to bed, I drank green tea. Once someone told me that green tea causes you to dream more or sleep deeper, which puts you into REM and then you dream more.

I’m not sure…but I am so glad that it was just a dream!



The very next day, New York Times posted a story about whales!


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