Posted by: allaboutcheryl | April 15, 2017

Five Years Later

Five years after having troubles and pains walking for almost any distance, I decided that I had enough. I was tired of the pain. Tired of the limitations. Tired of being frustrated. Tired of sitting on the sidelines, while life passed me by. Was this to be my new life? Is this all that I had to look forward to? Of course I didn’t want that. I thought that I could just push past my pain and eventually, I’d get and be better. No. Then I tried pain medication, for a while. But I didn’t like putting meds like that in my body everyday. I tried therapy. Heat treatment. Nothing, absolutely, nothing was working.

Then I went to a pain management /orthopedic surgery seminar. And afterwards I got to speak with a team of surgeons and therapists. And why I told them during our conversation that my husband and I were planning a trip to Hawaii, one of them said that walking on the beach, in my condidtion now, was the worse thing for me to do. That the shifting, unstable sand would aggravate my problem more.

That did it! I was fed up with missing out on life. It is now time to DO something about this. And so I did. You must be become your own advocate. No one knows you nor will take care of you, like you. However, when I was going through the process, before, during and after…it was so important to my recovery to do exactly as I was being told. I did. I told everyone who had anything to do with me, that I was going to be the best patient that they ever had. I pushed myself when I felt like giving up. When I was told to keep trying, I tried. 

And now today, five years after having bilateral surgery, I feel great! I am able to do what I want to do without pain or discomfort. Of course, I know that I have limits and I stay within them without feeling any sense of denials. My thoughts to those contemplating surgery….please do it! You will not regret it! 


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