Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 14, 2017

Help Me!

I’m sure that what I am going through, even though it is vexing me. Making me tired. Making me weepy. Making withdraw from others. Someone else with different crisis, would look at me and say, “Let’s trade places.”

I know that I should suck it up. Be a man. Or in my case, put on my big girl panties and tough it out. And eventually I will. I’ve been in this funky mood longer than I want to be. But I feel like I need a good cry or yell or something to release what’s inside of me.

I feel like I’m entitled to feel this way. What I am going through, I didn’t bring on myself. I kinda knew what I was getting into how my life was going to be different…but every now and then…I have one of those days. And I want my life back.

Then I don’t want to complain. Especially not to my husband who is already like a rock in a hard place…so I wait. I suffer in silence..I pull away.

I really don’t want to happen, what sometimes swells up inside me, AN EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION!! But I feel like I am on the edge, tottering back and forth and the whisper of a wind can push me over. Down, falling out of control. Falling to an ugly place where, even I don’t want to be.

Help me Lord!

Help me to see Your Face and Seek Your Face.

Help me give this burden to You so I can breathe again. Its weight is crushing me down to the ground.

I wait on and for You Lord.

Help me.



  1. Look in a mirror … then you will see God. God just spreads universal love. Anything else … is a lie. Yet universal love. Is a lever that may move mountains. Knock and the door will be opened. Cheers Jamie.

    • Thanks Jamie! Life would be hopeless without God!

  2. I hope and prayed that things get better for you. His help is on the way.

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