Posted by: allaboutcheryl | October 19, 2016


Last year, 2015, right before the start of our sabbatical (see mybucketlisttravels), Hubby’s daughter came to live with us. We were taking his car with us ( the ULTIMATE road trip), which meant, leaving my car at home. So we told her that she could use it, as she needed help re-establishing herself.

Fast forward six months. 

When I returned home in January of this year, she was still using my car. She was still trying to dig herself out of a LOT of bad financial mistakes. And she could not afford to buy her own car. So she continued to use mine.

HOWEVER, when you are accustomed to your own car. Coming and going when you wanted. Not having to coordinate who uses the car when….well, sharing can get a little old.


She bought a car last week.

Even though, she did not clean it immediately, I started driving it. Oh, the freedom of the open road again! I missed Betsy, my car, and I know she missed me.

Most of the STUFF in my car has been removed.

Hubby had some minor service issues taken care of.

I took it to the car wash today and had it washed.

And even though my car is thirteen years old with over 180,000 miles on it, it is still reliable and has a great body! Just like her owner. LOL!!! 


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