Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 20, 2016

South Beach Diet, Day 2

Last night my brother and family came over. It was decided that we would have pizza for dinner. Or maybe I should say, that THEY would have pizza. I love pizza, but I have to be strong!Breathe!


OK…what I had for dinner will sound strange. But I needed something quick and filling and legal. So I ate a can of black beans with low fat mozzarella cheese. Yep. Strange. But when I lost my twenty five pounds before, black beans with chicken was my go to meal.

I’m fine. I am satisfied with what I have. And the pizza is NOT calling my name.

Then the family starts talking about going to a restaurant with really good dessert. Not that day. But a day in the future. My daughter wants to go as soon as possible. My sister-in-law, says “no problem.” She wants to wait so I can partake. We could wait until I finished with the first twenty eight days. 

But I’m OK. I have to learn to exist in a fat-laden, illegal foods environment. I can’t shut myself in a bubble. I have to learn who’s stronger, me or a slice of chocolate cake.

Then my daughter ends the back and forth conversation by saying, she’s not sure why I had to start this diet now. Why I couldn’t wait until I got back home.

So much for support.

Later I had I to explain to her my position. That while I am down her helping her, I need to do this to help myself. And that I do not have a problem it’s being around non legal foods. 

I have to do this.

I can do this. 

Today, after church we went out for breakfast. I had an egg white scramble. But I have my side of fruit and biscuit to my daughter. 

Later for dinner, I had a salad. Then a snack of mixed nuts.

The worse meal for me will be breakfast. I really don’t eat meat for breakfast. I am going to get tired of omelettes, so I’ll have to eat turkey bacon to break up the monotony. It that’s still going to be boring…

But I made it through two days.



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