Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 16, 2016

I Love Being Retired!

I started working in my senior year of high school. It was a part time job at a local retail store. Just something to give me some spending money and help out with my Senior Class expenses.
And that was the start of my working life.

Between three marriages, two babies, college and a degree, I worked until age 47. Then I packed up my office and took my belongings home. 

My stay at home was short lived. We decided a move to the suburbs, into a larger home was what we wanted. After we got settled into our new residence, I went back to work. Three jobs, later and the death of my mother, we decided it was time for me to come home for good.

Finally, at 57, I was able to put away my employee lanyard. 

When I was younger, even in my twenties, I thought that retirees were old. Past their prime of life. Rocking chair ready.

But now….I am that person!

I am not old! Nor do I feel old! I still have lots of energy, vim and vigor.

You would think that now because I am at home between 7am to 6pm. I would have more time to do all that I want. But that’s not true. 

My days, nights and weekends are filled.

Sometimes, I don’t have enough time in a day to do all that I need or want to do. I’m doing things for myself. For a while, I was helping Hubby with his home based business (but that has since closed). Now, my mother-in-law, step-daughter and granddaughter are living with us. So between being a caregiver and a babysitter, I barely have time let for me. But this is what families do.

I loved being retired for my freedom of time and its flexibility. 

My daughter laughs at me, because I still look forward to Fridays. She tells me, “For you, every day is Friday!” Which is not true. We do have a routine. Weekends are basically our time. We may go to the movies. Out to dinner. Out for a drive. Or just stay in, watch movies on TV and eat popcorn. 

I love that I am no longer tied to a job. We travel a lot more. Last year we went on a five month sabbatical (see We took a quick trip to California the end of April. And now, here I am in Georgia on a one way ticket to help my daughter get settled into her new how. Yes, freedom and flexibility. We’d rather travel, dine out, enjoy life as opposed to buying and accumulating stuff. 

But you have to be wise stewards of your money to get to this point. I believe in tithing, giving at least ten percent of my income to the church. I participated in my employers 401K program with matching contributions. We are not big spenders. We drive our cars until they drop. I am not a big clothes shopper. I am frugal. Cheap. I can stretch a dollar!! And I use coupons wherever I can and shopper rewards at the grocery stores. It all adds up.

So, bring on my rocking chair as I ease my old, past my prime of life body into it. I need a breather and break before I go out and do my two mile walk!


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