Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 11, 2016

Alpharetta, June 12, 2016: Day 10

I am here in Alpharetta to help my daughter get ready to move. I’ve been brought down to be the mule. The beast of burden. An oxen. LOL!! Seriously. 

It’s not quite like that. But I am here to do the brunt of the packing. I am tired! The closing date is June 22nd. We have boxes piled almost to the ceiling in the dining room. Boxes in the living room. I used to be able to make a walking path between those two rooms. Now with all of the boxes….I can only walk in the living room. But it’s all good. I can walk outside when it’s not too hot. But when it is too hot, then I can walk in the living room. But what I found out that’s really funny, when I walk outside, I can walk twice the distance in half the time. Longer strides? I guess so…

Anyway. Now we’re using paper plates and plastic cups. I’m sure that we’ll be buying plasticware shortly. But right now we are still using stainless steel utensils.

We’ve been out looking for furniture, light fixtures, fans and stuff.

Hubby keeps wondering….when am I coming home!

I just got here!

I have to stay here to help her get settled, unpack, do painting and whatever. So I think that I may be here until mid July. 


New situation. Before I left home, my right ankle was starting to swell. Right now, it feels more swollen. In fact, it hurts when I walk. So I am going upstairs to elevate my feet for a while.


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