Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 3, 2016

What to Write?

It’s been so long since I’ve written, I’m not sure where to begin or even what to write about.
In some ways, my life is routine, almost boring.

I get up take the granddaughter to school.

Come home.

Maybe exercise a bit.

Maybe do a little housework.

Maybe cook dinner.

Pick the granddaughter up from school.

Maybe play a board game.

Eat dinner.

Put the granddaughter to bed.

Watch TV. 

Go to bed.


But in some ways, it’s also exciting. 

I just came back from spending a week in California.

I am enjoying a new connection with cousins that I never met before.

I have given my novel to one last person to read and make edits before I give it to the editor and have it published!

I just arrived in Georgia to spend (maybe) the summer with my daughter as she is in the final process of closing on a house.

I am still trying to lose weight. Eat healthy. Exercise my body and my brain. 

But right now….my brain is swirling and twirling. I think that I’ll just rest today, then see how I feel tomorrow. 


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