Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 8, 2016

One Year Later…

This time last year, we were en route to Springfield, MO, for a visit with our grand baby . I had no idea that months later, both she and her mother would be living us.

It’s been tough. Lord! Has it been tough! But, this has drawn me closer to God. I am not always reacting right. I don’t always have the right attitude nor say the right things, but I am trying.

For the good of the granddaughter, I am trying. She needs the stability and structure that Jackie and I can provide. And she needs the routines, habits, expectations, and Christian teachings that I can provide.

And all those things are needed for her mother as well. But she is an adult, a childlike adult, but an adult nonetheless. 

I can influence her as well. I can help her too. But, I must continue to drop and loosen my stony disposition and she will become more receptive. 

And just like the Lord moved mightily and quickly in the situation that brought them here, He can and will do the same in my situations. 

Keep the faith.

Keep my eyes on God.

Watch, wait and witness what He will do!


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