Posted by: allaboutcheryl | January 13, 2016

Consistent Faith

This is my prayer…to be found faithful, consistently faithful. 

Is inconsistent faith even really faith at all?

This is what I long for, stronger faith.

This is why I read and study and do these devotions.

Is to seek after God.

To strengthen me and my relationship with Him.

To grow. So that I am not still doing the same immature things of yesterday. But when I stop and look at how I handle situations; it seems like I am going backwards instead of forwards.

Help me Lord to do the right thing. The thing that You would have me to do.

Help me to seek the eternal and not the temporary. 

Help me to see people as You. People matter to You so they should matter to me, unconditionally and without bias.

Help my wants and desires to line up with Yours. So that I am not frustrating myself, nor chasing after the wrong thing.

Help me to remove all, any hindrances.

Help me to stay focused on You, not to lose my joy.







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