Posted by: allaboutcheryl | December 21, 2015

Goal Changes


I read an Advent devotional recently that really touched me.To paraphrase it in my words, is basically this: what happens, after you have invested time energy into a goal. A worthy goal. One filled with promise and hope. One that gives direction and guidance to your life. A goal that you are following with great anticipation. 

Then, when you get close to that goal, something happens. Sends you on a different course. Now you are not where you want to be. Not where you thought you would be.

Now what?

Do you give up?

Do you blame someone for the directional shift in your goal?

Do you become angry and difficult to deal with?

Or do you reevaluate things and look for the reason that things changed and now what can you do to help the situation?

There will be somethings in life that happens to us, that are beyond our control. The death of a loved one. The loss of a job. Sickness.

Then there are things that happen to us, that we can’t change. But we can change how we look at them.

Sometimes, we are so focused on our goals that we don’t see the person beside us who needs a helping hand, until they ram so hard into us that it knocks us off our course.

So when that happens, like it is happening to me…it’s time to do some soul searching. It may be time to put my plans on the shelf for a moment to help someone else.

I was, am, fortunate enough, blessed enough to be where I am today. But there are people, sometimes by their own mistakes or sometimes not, who are struggling. 

What’s the point of me being blessed, if I am unwilling to help another?

During this Advent season, I thank God for awakening me. For showing me, the real me, who can be very selfish. I thank Him that I have the opportunity to accept the new direction in my life and look forward to it with gladness. 


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