Posted by: allaboutcheryl | December 10, 2015

Reinventing Me, 2016

This is only a sample of my many different hairstyles that I was able to pull from my Facebook posts. If I had access to my pictures at home (currently in Alpharetta with my daughter), I would probably have twice as many.After I came out of my Locs June 2014, I knew that I needed to get my hair professionally cut and to have someone who knows Natural Hair, to give me some pointers.

But I didn’t, I dragged my feet. I’d ask people like me, non-professionals, what they were doing and I’d try their suggestions myself. 

Sometimes my hair looked cute. Most times it looked OK and a few times it like, where’s a hat to hide under!

But I’m ready for a change.

Not just with my hair. But with my whole, total being. Mind. Body. Soul. 

I’ve already started. 

I’m reading more books to help me grow spiritually: soul.

I’m getting more involved in current events: mind.

I have a plan for a better diet (lifestyle of eating) and dress: body.

I get like this towards the end of the year. When I reflect on the past year. What did I do? What didn’t I do? How can I be better? What motivators do I need?

The rest of this year, 2015, will be about that. 

But, this time I also want to look beyond just preparing myself for 2016. I want a better lifestyle going forward. I need to change. I am ready to change. And no one can or will change me but me.

I will not be defined by my circumstances.

I will not let other people influence who I am.

I will not be my own worse enemy.

I will change.

And because I am a persnickety person, I have created recurring events on my calendar, under the sub calendar, Reinventing Me. Yes, sub calendar, I have several of them. Doesn’t everyone use them? I love categorizing things, so these subs work well for me. Anyway, I have Mind, Body and Soul to recur Monday, Wednesday and Friday, respectively. And on those days I will try to be more focused on meeting or setting goals for myself. 

I am ready to start. I am excited about what the future holds for me.

OK. But let’s get back to the new hairdo.

Katryna my daughter, offered an early Christmas present to me, to see a stylist here in Alpharetta to cut, style my hair and give me some pointers. 

Cool! That would be great!

We went online, Pinterest to be exact (I don’t understand what Pinterest is or does, but people, including her, love it). Here we found a couple styles that I liked, and then it was off to the stylist. 

It worked out well, I was her only customer there, so I didn’t feel self conscious or embarrassed. She was really nice, personable person. She looked at the pictures that we had and at my hair and said, “Yes. I can do this.”

I gave her some pointers about my hair and of the new style that was important to me. But when she started cutting my hair with an electric razor, I got nervous. I knew she was going to have to cut my hair. I was OK with that. But I thought she would use scissors all the time. She did use them on the top of my head. But the sides and back, she used the razor.

Oh no! She’s going to make me look like a man, when she started cutting my hair around my ears. I’m going to have sideburns! I had to close my eyes. I couldn’t look. I figure that if I don’t like it, oh well, I’ll only have to put up with for a couple of months until it starts growing again.

I’m not sure how long we were there at the salon, a couple hours at least. But when she finished and handed me a mirror to look at myself. I was pleased.

This was what I needed to get me kickstarted. A boost in my confidence. A fresh face to meet the world. 

Here I am! And I am ready for my change!


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