Posted by: allaboutcheryl | December 2, 2015

Tribute to my Mother, Vever Lee Norman

On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015, it marked the fifth anniversary of my mother’s passing.Even five years later, it is still difficult for me to say ‘death’ or ‘died.’

That just sounds too final. Oh, I know that she is not coming back. I saw her and kissed her goodbye in the hospital. I was at the funeral services. I went to the cemetery and saw her casket lowered into the ground…but I can’t say those two words. Not right now.

Most of my days are good. But every now and then, something will happen that will make me think of her and our memories. Sometimes I will think about things that I want to share with her. Something that I read in the newspapers or something that I saw on TV…

My sisters and I were her only caregivers, we had a schedule worked out so that we all did our share and even though I was still working a forty hour job at that time, I did my time on the weekends. And when I wasn’t there, I called everyday to see how she was doing. And I still have to catch myself when I think at a certain time that she should be available and I can call her…

How much longer?

Tears are in my eyes now..

I hold strong to my faith, that I will see my mother and dad again. And that gives me great comfort. 

I love you, Mama!


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