Posted by: allaboutcheryl | November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015, Alpharetta Day 24, Away from Home Day 128

OMG!! This is my most favorite time of the year.

Thanksgiving through to New Years Day!

It’s all about Family, Fellowship and Food!

This will be my first time being away from home at Thanksgiving. But this will also be my first time being with Katryna at her home for Thanksgiving!

We will have dinner with my brother’s wife’s cousin on Thanksgiving Day. I am to bring my family-renown Sweet Potato Pies. And there is this thing going on right now about Patti LaBelle’s pies. So much so that stores are selling out of them! What a great marketing strategy! I want to try one just to see what the hubbub is all about. Are they really that good and how do they compare to mine?

 This picture of my pies is a picture from 2013. I’ll have to take another picture of my pies that I cook on Wednesday night. Yum!

I have six pie shells and about 12 pounds of sweet potatoes. This will be enough potatoes to make the pies, candid yams and baked potatoes on another day.

But these potatoes are a story in themselves.


Saturday, Katryna and I got out lists together to go shopping. We needed to get things for the house as well as things for Thanksgiving dinner. Even though we will not be here on that day, Katryna still wants a dinner here. So we will have our dinner that following Sunday and she will invite a friend over.

If I were home. I would have shopped by now after scouring the sales papers for the best deals. And that was what I didn’t do. I didn’t look at the sales papers. Now, it’s true that Katryna doesn’t get the paper. Why, I’m not sure? But all,stores now have a digital paper on their website. But I forgot to check.

Didn’t think about it, until we were at Aldi’s looking at there sweet potatoes. They didn’t look the best. And they were pre-bagged, which I hate. But they were $1.19 for three pounds. I hesitated for a moment. What will the prices be at Walmart? They could be substantially higher. So I bit the bullet and bought three bags or nine pounds.

Of course when we go to Walmart, their sweet potatoes were .38¢ a pound, loose and looked much, much better. I’m not sure why we got so many more potatoes. I still wanted to stay at about nine pounds. So now that means going back to Aldi’s to return their potatoes.

There was nothing on their receipt that stated their return policy. And when we got there it was actually very easy.

So anyway.

I’ll make the pies on Wednesday night. Then on Saturday, Katryna and I will cook dinner. I bought a 14 pound turkey which is way too big for us, but it was he smallest that I could find and we didn’t want just a breast. So when this thaws, I will cut it in half. Then divide one half into more useable portions and put in the freezer.

It will be fun having dinner here with Katryna. I know that she is getting a kick out of me being here for the holidays. But I am missing Jackie. He’s got his mother, daughter and granddaughter now in our home. If I were to leave now, that would leave my daughter alone at the holidays. No. I can’t do that.

And not to mention that the process is solidifying for the purchase of her house. She could possibly close on December 22nd and that’s when she’ll really need me. Here with her.



  1. Nothing like a good sweet potato pie! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your daughter.

    • Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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