Posted by: allaboutcheryl | November 8, 2015

November 7, 2015, Alpharetta Day 7

I finally went to Urgent Care to see about this bug bite on my chest (see 10-7-2105). For the most part, it finally stopped draining, but there is still a bump of sorts. I didn’t want what was left inside of it to harden and remain there forever; like the beginning growth of a third breast!The doctor who examined me, said that my bump was not the result of me being bitten, but the result of a clogged, infected hair follicle.


How could I go to bed one night without this thing, then awake the next morning with a red, angry, draining bump?

His explanation didn’t satisfy entirely. He said that there was probably things going on beneath the skin with the clogged pore, that finally manifested itself in the form of this bump. These are not his exact words, but when my mind translated his medical jargon into English, this is what I came up with.

OK. So, is this thing going to go down all the way? What’s still inside of it?

He says, what’s remaining now, is scar tissue. That the body tries to fight the infection and this could be the result. It might go down some more. Or I could be left with this bump. If it remains, I could go to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to have it removed.

For real?

And that was it. He gave me a prescription of an antibiotic cream in case it gets worse.

Then he concentrated the rest of my visit on my blood pressure which was elevated, 162/100.


Maybe because I’ve been worried about this growth between my breasts for the past month (to the day!), or because my mind keeps thinking about all of the things going on at home (and if you have not been following my travel blog,, give it a gander!) that I will eventually have to return to, or maybe because I do not think that my pressure was properly taken. I thought that my arm needed to be resting on a flat surface or at least being held at heart’s level, I’m not sure that it was. And that my feet needed to be flat on the floor as opposed to tangling in midair as I sat on the examining table.

So I am not really too concerned about that reading. I am taking my medication as prescribed. I am not eating a lot of salt and hardly any fried foods. BUT, I will take his words under consideration as words of warning and caution. To be aware of my eating and emotions. To eat as healthy as possible and to live as stress free as possible.


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