Posted by: allaboutcheryl | October 9, 2015

God is the Ultimate Potter

(Written 10-7-2014)
 This is my prayer,

That I know Your Word, Your Will and Your Way.

Help me to not falter

Help me to not take my eyes off You

Help me to not stop seeking after You.

It is my hearts desire to grow more like You everyday. To do Your will. Help me Lord to be more obedient and to not be afraid of being obedient. To not fear what new areas that You want to take me in.

You have not given me the spirit of fear

You will equip me

You will never leave me

I surrender all to You, Lord.
I trust You.

You cannot say that and not mean that in its totality
Lord, You know my heart. I want to mean 100% of what I say. I know that I have weak areas. Even areas that I try to hold onto for myself. Lord in my obedience, I want to learn to loosen my grip on my life and let You have full control. 

I trust You.
So, this is not a bad thing. Not a time to hold my head down.
Rejoice! The Lord delights in willing earthen vessels. He is the Ultimate Potter.


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