Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 12, 2015

My Thorn in the Flesh

(Written May 31, 2014)

The Lord is trying to get my attention.

About what?

What I have neglected to do or have stopped doing?

My 15 minutes of quiet time…stopped doing
Finishing my book….slow in doing

Getting new bible class started…trying to ignore

Listening to His Voice/Commands…sporadic 

Lord forgive me of not doing the things that You have told me to do.
Then I wonder why, when I ask You for something, You say no.

But am I sorry that I ignored You or am I sorry that in ignoring You, I hindered myself from getting what I want.


Lord, I am sorry.

Help me Lord.

But do you really want my help or do you think this is what you are supposed to,say?

If you really wanted my help, my forgiveness, you would bow yourself to my will. My way, my word. But you still want to do what you want to do,and have me bless you anyway.

It does not work like that. I want a contrite heart, a repentive spirit, not just someone one who is half stepping and thinking that mediocrity is OK with me.

It is not. I want your whole heart or nothing at all. I am a jealous God. I will not share. Not even with you, you will not put your own desires before me. I have been very lenient with you. But no more. Even now your thoughts are wandering, you are so full of pride, I will bring you down, I will show you how you must worship a true and living God. I am He. You will have no other God before me. Repent and return to me and I will restore you. Repent. 


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