Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 12, 2015

Maumee Bay Resort

(Written on April 12, 2014)

Last night we attended the retirement party of one of Jackie’s former coworkers. It was really nice.On the invitation, it stated that they reserved a block of rooms for those who didn’t want to drive back home, so we rented a room.

It made for a very pleasnt drive and outing.

The weather was gorgeous, clear blue skies and seasonably warm.

Jackie reserved a room with the bay view and patio, so we have a nice scenery looking out.

The Lodge is nice. We’ve been here once before doing a day trip at my sisters recommendation. We drove here to have breakfast and spend the day, but unfortunately it started raining. So everyone at the Lodge stayed inside. It was extremely crowded and busy. And while we were in the restaurant we were not getting served, way too many people; so we left.

So far, we have had a pleasnt experience.

Right now, I am waiting for Jackie to get dressed, then we will explore the facility and have breakfast. 

When we came yesterday, he drove and I navigated has we got here without incident checked into our room, then went outside.

We are right on Maumee Bay, so we walked along the boardwalk.

I will attach a picture later, my phone is charging.

Then we came back. Jackie laid down and took a nap, while I watched TV. Now I know why we don’t watch daytime TV! Maury Povich was on, it was ridiculous. People airing very private details of their lives before thousands of viewers, fighting; physical and verbal fights and the number of bleeps!!! OMG!! We watched almost an entire show….that was more than enough! Then Jackie laid down and took a nap.

About 6pm, we started getting dressed. I’d asked him to find out what the attire was before we left home. Wanted to be dressed appropriately, but he waited too late and never reached his friend.

So he had on dress pants, shirt and tie. I had on a black sheath with pearls.

The party was in a very nice banquet room overlooking the Bay. When all had arrived, I would guess there wer more than 200 guests.

A few were dressed like us, the honoree had on a suit. Most were work I would consider business causal and a few very causal. I am so glad that I didn’t wear the other dress that I had out, still black but more of an after five style (do people still use that term or am I dating myself?).

The menu consisted of hot and cold hors devours, fruit and vegetable tray, coffee, tea, lemonade, wines and beers.

Jackie had a good time reconnecting with coworkers. They had roving photographers who took lots of pictures, but later, back in our room, we realized that we didn’t take a personal picture of ourselves. 

The one thing they didn’t have was dancing. I am not the dancer, Jackie is, but I had already purposes that I was going to dance, willingly and freely with him. So I was a little disappointed.

The party was to end at 10:30pm and about 10 most people were gone and they were starting to shut things down. We didn’t have a lot to drink, two glasses of wine each, but it was comforting to know that we didn’t have to do that long drive home. All we have to so was maneuver back to our room. And that was a good thing, we don’t see as weel as we used to at night, especially in a depifderent place. And this was out in God’s country so not to many street lights. So yes, spending the night for us was a very good thing.

Jackie just came out the bathroom, so we will go walk around then have breakfast. Checkout time is 12noon. 


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