Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 12, 2015


I’ve been having very vivid dreams lately.I’ve been dreaming a lot about Mama and Daddy. In fact, in one dream, they were both together which has never happened before. They were at some function, event and they were slow dancing.

The next night I had a dream with the both of them. But Mama was delusional or something, she was growling like an animal….

I had another dream about a Daddy last night. He was going to buy me a fire pit for the backyard to use during the winter time. Marlene was in this dream too. She was looking for a silver evening gown. And she was using a Sears catalog. Then Ronnie (as a little boy) and I were looking for a Halloween mask for him. Funny since I’ve stopped celebrating Halloween many years ago. But we were in a little neighborhood trying to figure out what he wanted. I do remember asking if he wanted to be a ninja, but he said no.

I am not sure why I’ve been dreaming so much lately. 

I used to keep a dream diary. Then I stopped.

I bought a couple books on interpreting dreams. I felt like they were either too general or off base. So I stopped that as well.

….maybe because we are on our sabbatical and I am more relaxed? 

I don’t know…

Maybe I’ll write down some of them. But I will always let you know. Dreams are only important or interesting to the person doing the dreaming. 


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