Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 12, 2015

💖May 10, 2014💖

Derek is 49.May 10th. In the past has also fallen on Mother’s Day. 

I am doing my bi-monthly fast today.
Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

Efia still has a problem coping with days like this as well as her mother’s birthday and it has been seven years since her mother died.


Mama made her transition 3-½ years ago. I am ok. I get a little melancholy, but I am still functional. Am I suggesting that Efia is not? She has almost admitted that.

But because I don’t breakdown and cry does it mean that I love my mother less, or because she does that she loved her mother more?

I think not.

I am not hard hearted, but I feel like the Thornton ladies, we are OK. And that’s how me and my sisters have been. OK and more than OK.

This year, I did not send cards to my sisters, but I got one from Marlene when she came over yesterday for Katryna’s gathering (she didn’t want me to call it a party). And she asked me was I going to the cemetery tomorrow. 

Not sure.

I know that Mama and Daddy’s souls are not there. Just a casket with varying stages of a disintegrating body. And as the Bible says, we are made of out dust and that is what we return to….dust.

But…Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

I love you.



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