Posted by: allaboutcheryl | August 8, 2015

Righteous Indignation

(Written 3-5-2014)

Lord Jesus, God of us all. You are patient, kind and generous toward us.You allow us to live our lives our way. To make our own decisions. To follow our own plans.

And You let us go on and on and on.

But then our sins can become too great of a stench to You. 

You are holy and You desire that Your people be holy as well.

When You see that we are totally consumed by our evil ways and have no thought, desire, nor inclination to return to You. You will step in. Your wrath will pour out like hot, molten lava. You will consume all in Your pathway. You will restore Your divine order. Righteousness will be reinstated. If You have to take us backwards so that we can move forward. You may have to destroy things so we may be restored. You may have to remove things so that we may see clearly. So be it.


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