Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 26, 2015

Back to School

(written September 23, 2013)

I meant to write a while ago, when Meijers and Walmart first put out their school supplies and JCP was advertising back to school clothes.

I remembered getting my things when I was in elementary/junior high school.

I was so excited. 

I don’t remember Mama taking us shopping. I guess she bought what she wanted us to have. I thought that was the way it was. I don’t remember being upset that I couldn’t pick out my own clothes.

But, I would lay them out on the bed and mix and match the outfits together to see all the different ways that I could wear what I had, even down to my knee socks, I would have those out as well.

But now I feel so sad.

For whatever reason, Daddy was not giving Mama money like he should. They were always arguing and fighting about money. I would think to myself, whenever I was grown and married, I would NEVER EVER argue about money!

Mama scraped and scrimped and did what she could to make our lives seem normal. I never felt like we were REALLY poor. I knew that money was tight, but it was tight for everybody. 

We had a roof over our head, we had a car and a TV set. We got stuff for Christmas. 

True we didn’t eat snacks. No store bought cookies or cakes. We made our own. No store bought chips, we eat French fies or popcorn popped in bacon grease. But we were a family and for the most part happy.

So, Mama, thank you for all that you did to give me the best childhood that you could. I know you were not perfect and neither was I in raising my children, but we tried to do the best that we could.

And Daddy…even though there may have been some money issues when we were growing up, you provided a security for Mama in her later years that she was able to manage and grow and then pass on to us. So thank you.
This is really not where I thought this was going, but I guess that I needed to get it out of my system. 


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