Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 17, 2015

Making Progress

  (written August 20, 2013)

I don’t want to turn this into a “follow my diet” journal….

However, I weighed myself today and I am down 2.6 pounds since Thursday. 


Ronnie came over today and brought my birthday presents. Lots of different lotions and body sprays.

Then he and I, along with Jackie went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner, one of my favorite places.

I did good there. Salad bar for dinner and I brought home my entree of baked chicken, with cheese and BBQ sauce (thats not too good) and broccoli so I can eat that tomorrow.

Ronnie wanted to take some cake home with him…yes, we still have 3/4s of it left. So I gave him a nice hunk. Jackie said me might he some later after his food digests some. I said I would eat a tiny piece too. But I really don’t want to hinder my progress. 

So if he doesn’t bring it up, I am not going to bring it up either. 

I am still full from the amazing salad bar at RT!

Tomorrow Jackie and I are supposed to do something fun. 
Not sure what yet.

But he is running a wire so I can watch tv in my office….better late than never.

Although I told him he didn’t have o do this now. Especially if we are only going to be here for another year or so. But he was determined. 

He gave me the tv ready monitor for Christmas. I didn’t ask for it. I did want to watch tv upstairs after my first surgery, but I couldn’t. So I guess he figured he would have had that done before my second surgery, but couldn’t because now there is snow and ice on the roof and he would have to climb out there. So the monitor sat in my office for almost nine months. I never said anything about it.

I digress…

So he did the outside wiring and tomorrow he will do the inside work. He said that should not take much time and then we can do something after that.


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