Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 12, 2015

Bored Durng the Storm

(Written on August 13, 2013)
Last night while we were eating dinner, we lost power. It came as a surprise. True it had rained almost all evening and at times pretty hard. Then we started getting thunder. That’s when Jackie said that I should turn off my computer. As soon as I did, CRACK! The power went out.
Usually it will come right back on….
But not this time.
I got candles and we finished our dinner and still no power.
We talked and still nothing.

Then silence.
Small talk.
I started playing with the hot, melting wax that was dripping from the candles.

I started putting hot wax on Jackie.
He didn’t think that was too fun.

Then I started just staring at the flames and the wax making intricate designs down the candle and on the table.

I didn’t want to play any games on my iPad because I wasn’t sure how the power would be off and I wanted to save my juice.

I had about 80% power on the iPad and about 60% on my phone.

Jackie said that he was getting sleepy and wanted to go to bed. YIKES!! It’s only 10pm!
But he said, “Oh yeah, you have all those clothes on the bed.”
That’s right. I had been washing earlier and hadn’t finished folding and putting things away.
“Good!,” I said, “that will give me something to do!”

So I took some candles upstairs to fold and put away the rest of the clothes.
Now it is about 11p. I might as well get ready for bed. I know Jackie is on the couch asleep.
After I got ready for bed, I went downstairs to get him. He was in the family room asleep, but he left all the candles still burning on the dining room table!!

But thank goodness, the power was back on by 5a this morning and I am back to using all of my electronic gadgets!!


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