Posted by: allaboutcheryl | July 8, 2015

Time is Getting Closer!

(Written on August 3, 2013)

Wow! My birthday month!

It’s here!

My birthday is in eight days!

What a blessing!

With all that I have been there during this past 18 months and to say literally that I am still standing!!!! Nothing but God!

And this is a milestone, it’s the big 6-0!!

There is not anything that I really want except for some bible commentaries from So that was what I told Katryna. Might as well tell Ronnie the same thing so I can build up my collection. The author of this set is really good!!! John Phillips. He writes clear and simple so even I can understand. Not like the Matthew Henry commentary which sometimes loses me. I have the book of John and it is phenomenal. And Pastor Smith was teaching from John before the bible study broke for summer break. And this book was on point. Every day I try to read/study fifteen minutes from it.

TGIF!!!! I donate blood at noon, so I need to go eat breakfast, I’ve already taken my morning meds. Will try to add more later…

So here it is later…

I was able to donate blood even though I forgot and had two glasses of iced tea in the past two weeks. Iced tea makes my iron count go down. Which I found out today is because tea has tannin in it. I will have to look that up later. But thank the Lord my iron count was 13. I think I has to be at least 12. Then there was a question about whether I had a blood transfusion in the past twelve months. I did back in November…but because I donated and used my own blood it was ok. Whew!

Today is Jimmie’s birthday, I called and left him a rendition of happy birthday on their voicemail, but I was driving and kept getting cut off. So I hope it took.

I ran some errands and then Jackie and I went to the movies and saw The Wolverine. It was ok.

But when we got home, I did a little on the family tree. Hadn’t worked on it in about two weeks.

I found a really interesting new article about great granddaddy Mose Lewis. I will see if I can find it again or I will email it to myself and add it tomorrow.




  1. I hope your big 6-0 is a great one. It sounds like you have had a busy day. I’m glad it worked to give blood. I didn’t realize tea would bring the iron level down.

    • Thank you! I am getting ready to celebrate being 62! And I didn’t know tea could affect my iron levels either. But the last time I tried to donate, I was turned down. My iron was too low. I was so disappointed that I actually cried there at the donation center! I determined that would be the last time! I will get in shape and eat the right things to keep my iron level up!

      • Tea has some good things, but a friend told me recently that it will lower iron levels. Happy birthday for coming 62!

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