Posted by: allaboutcheryl | June 3, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 121

I need to focus on what is important in life.  And that is on Life, itself.  Skinny jeans are cute.  A particular weight showing on my scales is awesome. Tucking my shirt inside of my pants…can’t wait!!!
But the most important reason to lose weight and to keep it off, is for the health benefits. There are so many illnesses, ailments and diseases that can be reduced or eliminated by diet and exercise. There are so many illnesses, ailments and diseases that black people are susceptible to. These things where self control and self denial are the best medicines available.

Fried foods, highly salted foods, smoking, inactivity, overconsumption of simple carbs, all contribute to hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol levels just to mention a few.

True, there are times that things happen beyond our control. But too often, we have neglected that control. We rather do what feels good or tastes good, than what is good for us in the long run.

I know enough to do right. I know enough to write a book or to host a blog. But here I sit with the masses of my group. Taking medication for hypertension, high cholesterol and desperately trying to lose weight.


Why do I continue to go through this yo-yo lifestyle?

Why do I continue to do what I shouldn’t do, when I know what the consequences are?

Do I think that I am immune to its devastating results? How can I think that, when I am already on medicine? What do I need to see, do or have happen to me to shake me into reality?

My mother-in-law, who is living with us, has a variety of ailments, diseases and conditions, including congestion heart failure and deep vein thrombosis. She is frail and uses a walker, but a couple times a day, she slowly makes her way outside to smoke her cigarettes (we don’t allow her to smoke in our house).

I would get so upset and frustrated with her. Don’t you see what smoking is doing to your body, your quality of life? And yet you continue to spend big dollars on purchasing cigarettes?

But when I stopped to think about it, watching her is a reflection of me. My eating, my current lifestyle has put me where I am today. I know that. But I have not chosen to correct it. To change it. To curtail it. I am continuing on my merry way, but hoping to lose weight, just by thinking about it!

Lord help me to change my ways now! While I have the opportunity to make decisions for myself!



  1. Try not to beat yourself up– it’s easy to indulge. Especially if you have little to no self-control in the presence of starches and sugar like me 😉 I allowed myself to indulge to the point of Diabetic Ketoacidosis and a diabetes diagnosis and it was like a slap in the face (multiple slaps, actually). Keep up what you’re doing– you’ll get into those skinny jeans, I know it 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I am still trying…

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