Posted by: allaboutcheryl | May 18, 2015


Lord, all that I do, whatever I do, I will do to Your glory.
It’s not a chore, task nor duty. But opportunities for me to love You, praise You, thank You, for all the things that You have done for me.
You blessed me with a house, that needs to be cleaned.
A yard that needs to be weeded.
You blessed me with clothes, that need to be washed, folded, hung and put away.
You blessed me with a job, that needs to be worked in and with a spirit of excellence. Not just to get by, to make do. But to excel. To soar!
A husband who needs to be loved. Whether or not  I understand him or agree with him.
A body that needs to be healthy; physically, emotionally, mentally.
A spirit that needs to be fed, daily with the word of God. Reading. Meditating. Studying. Sitting under sound doctrinal teaching.
You’ve blessed me with finances and my first obligation, want and desire, is to give back to You. My first fruits. Through tithes and offerings.
So I thank You Lord, for each gift, every blessing that You’ve given to me.
Give me right spirit to enjoy them, but not worship them and to be a good steward of them.


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