Posted by: allaboutcheryl | May 2, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 90

 Oh My Goodness!
This past week has been such a detriment to my weight loss plan!
I have been out to eat five times this week!
My frig is filled with so many carry out containers; that might have been a better picture to display. But these were good times with family and friends. I would only ate half of my servings and brought the rest home to eat in another meal.
On yesterday, my thirty year old son, wanted me to go to breakfast with him and a coworker of his. I know this gentlemen, and he really is. I worked at this place for a while and got my son a job there. Then I left to finally and permanently retire in 2011.
It warms my soul when my son wants to spend time with me. When he first moved away from home, we had almost a standing monthly date. We’d go to the movies or dinner. Occasionally to the driving range, which I suck at, or bowling. But as he has gotten older. Our dates are not as frequent, more spontaneous, but we still have them.
So even though, when he asked me about going to breakfast, I’d just come back from having breakfast out, with my carry out container in hand. But….we hadn’t been out to eat in a while. And it would be great to see Tom, who recently retired due to health reasons.
So I went.
We had a wonderful time. Tom looked well. I was afraid to see him and prepared myself for the worse. But he looked as I remembered him. Maybe a little more frail. But that’s all. He picked up the tab even though Ronnie invited him as a guest. Such a nice guy. And with all of the talking and reminiscing, I didn’t think to get a picture of us…but strange since I didn’t forget to take a picture of our plates of food.
I am not eating much today. Fruit and coffee perhaps for breakfast. We are going to a great nephew’s first birthday party this afternoon. Of course this means FOOD.
I’ll try to be good.


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