Posted by: allaboutcheryl | April 9, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 67

Yesterday I tried on all of my jeans…


They were a whole lot tighter and snugger than I care for them to be.

I thought by now, at this point, at day number 67, that I would see a bigger difference in the way my clothes fit. I thought that by now, my clothes would be hanging off my shrunken body.

But no….

It seems like just the  opposite. My jeans feel so much tighter on my thighs.

But really, what do I expect?

I have a plan. My persnickety weight loss plan. But I am only working it when it is comfortable or convenient for me.

I wrote the other day that I would not eat ice cream more than once a week. But the very day after I wrote that; I had ice cream and cherry pie for dessert! What on earth is wrong with me? Then I resort to drastic and sometimes unhealthy measures to kickstart myself, such as going on a water (and coffee) diet.

I made a weight loss chart of where I should be and I am right on schedule. But being the persnickety person that I am, I created another chart. This one with a more aggressive weigh loss chart. Then I created one more, a mid-range chart.

Now I have three points to target, high-mid-low.

Even though I did go through this process of creating these three charts, I still want to focus on eating right. On eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and eating less processed carbs. Making more low fat and high protein selections.

I also need to not get ahead of myself. To remember to take this, just one meal at a time.

I can do this!


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