Posted by: allaboutcheryl | April 6, 2015

Day Two: A Room with a View

In my soul, lurks a traveler. An adventurer. Explorer. I haven’t been to a lot of places. Mostly to locales that I can drive to. But my husband and I have been to Maui several times, because our daughter and the only grand baby live there.

But where would I like to be transported? If I could go wherever I wanted, where would it be?


I am not sure of the attraction.

The colors? The food? Because it is so very different from where I currently live.

But I want to go there.

I had a dream that I was there.

On a bus tour.

I got off the bus at the waters edge. The sea was a brilliant, shimmering blue body of water. So crystal clear, it was almost impossible to tell where the water stopped and the skies started.  

Standing here on the boardwalk, I was completely immersed into a sea of colors, noises and aromas. People were all around me talking to one another. Fast, high pitched, rapid speech. No one paid attention to me. It’s as if I were invisible. I am not even sure that they were paying attention to each other. It seemed that everyone was talking at the same time and no one was listening.

There were many street vendor, selling their wares. I remember one selling beautiful flowers. Huge bouquets of fuchsias, yellows, reds and white, hanging from poles and from the canvas awnings. Suspended flowers giving the illusion of growing out of the sky.

People pushing and shoving as they tried to make their way through this crowded open-air market.

Where are they going?

Where do they need to be in such a hurry?

More tourist busses coming in and dropping off more people to this already very crowded area.

I’m not walking, so much as I’m being carrying along with the human river.

Vendors are yelling out, trying to sell what they have.

Barrels of fish, odorous and leaking oily water on the ground. Fish, trying to escape,  flapping against another and against the sides of the water soaked containers.

Smoke billowing from low fire pits where the cooks sat on their haunches and stirred or poked or flipped mysterious concoctions.

Strange and different, but curious and inviting, the mingled smells called to my taste buds.

Eat me!

Try me!

Sample me!

But I kept walking, rather being pushed along with the crowd. Not sure where I was going. But I really didn’t care.

I was just happy to be where I was; in China.



  1. Once the travel bug has hit it stays for life. It is a bug that one never wishes to be cured of. Lovely piece. Great ‘start’ to the course.

  2. Nice descriptions for today’s assignment – I get the sense of an extremely busy market place where the sights, sounds and smells are overwhelming! Well done 🙂

    • Thank you! I did take some writer’s leeway with the assignment. I appreciate your feedback.

  3. I loved the description, especially of the sky and the water.

  4. A lovely descriptive story.

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