Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 31, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 58

I didn’t do exactly what I planned yesterday.

Ok, let me be truthful, I was very far away from what I thought that I would do yesterday.

I thought that I would just drink water or tea for the remainder of the day and be satisfied with that.

But then, I had to cook dinner (see my blog entry, Lent Day 36).

BUT, I didn’t tell the whole story. Yes, I ate dinner. But later as Jackie and I were watching TV, I got hungry (again!). So he popped popcorn for us. So not only did I continue eating, but I also ate it after 10pm.

BUT, I am saying all of this to say that when I weighed this morning, I was two pounds lighter!!!



Water weight loss?

Temporary weight loss?

I don’t know, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a darn!

Today, I have been so pumped up, that all I’ve had is water and tea.

I will eat dinner, leftovers, tonight, after 6pm.

And just maybe, I’ll be able to comfortably wear my outfit on Sunday!


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