Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 30, 2015

YIKES!! What a day!

waterSo this warrants two entries in one day, in my persnickety weight loss plan.

Alright, this coming Sunday is Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday. Besides the Christian significance of celebrating our Lord and risen Savior, it’s also when people start dressing in bright colors, pastels and summery clothes.

I go to my closet to try on one of three outfits that I have in mind to wear. No sense in going out and buying new clothes when I already have perfectly good things. And, I am on a strict budget.

Outfit number 1. No. It’s dirty. Needs to go to the dry cleaners.

Outfit number 2. OMG!! The skirt was soooo tight that I am sure, that if I sat down in it, I would have burst the seams.

On to Outfit number 3. Well, at least, I could zip this one up and still breathe. BUT, because it’s a little tight, it is riding higher on my hips and showing more of my ‘old lady’ legs.

Mind you, Outfits 2 and 3 were worn last year as well. Have I gained that much weight???

I know this is not the healthiest thing to do….so please forgive me.

Until Sunday, I am on a water, tea and *maybe* oatmeal for breakfast diet.

I need to shed some inches in a hurry!


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