Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 23, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 50

All things in moderation.
I had to write this before I forgot.
Yesterday was a free day for me.
I ate without restraints or constraints. What’s the difference?
But I want to be right but on target today.
Will start back to charting what super foods that I’ve eaten in a given day and to start eating more of them.
Right now, my goal is to eat at least 50% of what is on that list.

Wait vs Weight, 5/2014. (Given to me by the Holy Spirit)
Omega 3/seafood
Olive oil
Romaine Lettuce/Red onions
Greek yogurt
Whole grains/Oatmeal

Some of these things I will not be able to eat everyday. But there is enough of them to eat whether I am doing the Daniel Plan or South Beach Diet phase 1.
The Wait vs Weight that the Holy Spirit gave me is this. 
Am I really hungry when I or am I bored?
Do I really need to eat all that I have before me to eat or am I eating it all because I like how it tastes or I have not observed portion control?
If I don’t WAIT to give myself time to examine the things before I eat, I may run into the danger of gaining WEIGHT.



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