Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 19, 2015

Lent, Day 26

I’m supposed to go with Ms. Felton and a NSNFs outing tomorrow. So I pulled up the menu to the restaurant that we’re going to and saw all of types of delectable things that I wanted to eat. I mentally began to plan what I would order and how much money I would need to take with me. Then the Holy Spirit nudged me into remembrance. ‘You’ll still be observing Lent.’

Oh yeah, that’s right. OK. So instead of ordering a hamburger and dessert, I’ll just have a salad and dessert. This is a special occasion and I don’t know when I’ll be at this restaurant again.

Again, another nudge from the Holy Spirit. ‘God didn’t ask you nor require that you give up what you gave up for Lent. It was of your own doing. Of your free will. Either you need to be on Lent or you need to give it up. Why are you on Lent when it’s easy, but when you want to indulge, then you find it easy to indulge?’ 

Forgive me, Lord. For I have sinned against You. I want to honor my promise that I made to You.

Thank You Lord, for convicting me my spirit. I do want to serve You. I want to live holy before You. Thank You for forgiving me and for giving me the strength to do what I should do as difficult and hard as it may be.

Maybe someone reading this might laugh, ha! All she struggled with was to eat something or not eat it? What’s the big deal?

But just replace my situation with something else. Should I have sex outside of marriage, even though it feels good to me. Or should I steal this item because I want or even think that I need it? Or should I lie to cover something that I want to remain hidden? 

It doesn’t matter. 

Sin is sin. 

No big sins, no little sins.

All sins are disobedience to God.


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