Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 6, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 33

Sad FaceOMG!!
What is going on?!?!?
The few pounds that I lost last week, I have practically put them all back on.
When I look at my persnickety checklist, I do see that I am not exercising as consistent and that I am eating snacks after 10 p.m.
Take a deep breathe and refocus.
This is doable.
This, I can change.
This, I will change!
Yesterday was a very busy day. I was not able to fit in my regular excise routine. But, I always have options. I always have a Plan B. So when my schedule is too busy, I can always climb the stairs for 10 minutes. OK. That means not exercising at all is no longer an option.
No Eating After 10 p.m.; last night I was distracted. I was really in the groove editing my novel. It was getting late and I wanted a burst of energy to keep me up and going. So I had a mug of hot tea and a ½ cup of unshelled pistachios (both of which were legal for the day). And again, it wasn’t until I was checking off my persnickety list for yesterday, that I realized it was after ten that I ate the nuts!
What can I do?
Alarms on my phone don’t work. I tend to ignore them. Maybe I could make a sign for my desk? But what if I’m not at my desk?
I will make a sign for my desk.
And I will find a different alert for my phone. Maybe that one that sounds like an emergency alert.

OK. I’ve got this!


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