Posted by: allaboutcheryl | March 3, 2015

My Persnickety Weight Loss Plan, Day 30

It is a good think that I don’t drink or do drugs! I’d probably have a bad addiction problem! I went from Sunday being super excited! I lost 4.5 pounds for the month, to Monday, when I gained back 3 ponds and today, I gained back another 1\2 pound! 

Hence, my deflated balloons!

Sunday, being my free day in Lent, I went crazy eating sweets! I started at midnight and kept it up until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday evening. I had two peanut butter cookies (remember those from last week? Now, they’re all gone!), an oatmeal raisin cookie, a chocolate chip cookie and two chocolate truffles. 

Plus, I had a plain Belgian waffle for breakfast and a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from Subway. YUM! 

Then Monday after I weighed myself, I was too depressed to journal.

Today, I am still sad, but I had to, ” pick myself up and get back in the race. That’s life!” From the song, That’s Life, by Frank Sinatra 1966.

I’ve picked myself up. Shaken myself off. Gotten rid of all those naysaying demons in my head and ready to continue on. 

If I only write about my triumphs and never my moments of challenges, I am only fooling myself and only presenting half of the story. 

So here it is, the good, the bad and the very ugly! 


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