Posted by: allaboutcheryl | February 25, 2015

Lent, Day 7

IMG_0594Yesterday I woke up with a runny nose and and a headache,
I wasn’t sure what was what.
Was my head hurting from sugar withdrawals or was it a migraine?
Why was my nose runny? And then on top of that, I started sneezing. Was this a cold or some virus?
So I started treating each symptom individually.
But my nose started running even more, my head stopped hurting but I was still sneezing.
Then I started getting the pressure. Right on the bridge of my nose. It hit me. Sinuses!
Why now?
I started taking sinus medicine. That helped some. But I was still feeling draggy and lethargic. My nose was red and raw from blowing it and wiping it so much. All I wanted to do was make myself a mug a tea.
But I can’t. At least not today.
I’m doing the Daniel Fast Monday through Wednesday, so all I can have to drink is water.
I started whining, inwardly.
Ohh, I’ll feel so much better if I could just drink some tea.
My drinking tea now would be for medicinal purposes, so it should be OK.
I’ll bet they had salves or ointments in Biblical time. This isn’t fair!
I finally settled down.
Without the tea.
Today, I am so glad that I didn’t drink it.
I believe it would have weaken my determination.
So even though today, my sinuses are still bothering me, I’m OK.
I know that this too, shall pass.


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